PSTricks : Graphics and PostScript for TeX and LaTeX download book

Herbert Voss,: PSTricks : Graphics and PostScript for TeX and LaTeX

PSTricks : Graphics and PostScript for TeX and LaTeX


When TeX was originally developed, graphics capabilities were not a major concern. As a result TeX itself provides only basic graphics support, and while the introduction of LaTeX improved matters, something more was needed. PSTricks addresses this by providing a very wide range of graphics facilities - from simple lines and curves, to 3D images, trees, knots, and charts, etc., with support for transformations, overlays and more - to form a complete graphics environment. This book is a comprehenseive reference guide to PSTricks. It contains hundreds of examples (64 pages in colour), with the source code available online. Intended audience -Mathematicians, engineers, scientists, statisticians & economists -Graphic artists -College staff and students -Book and journal publishers

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Author: Herbert Voss,
Number of Pages: 912 pages
Published Date: 20 May 2011
Publisher: UIT Cambridge
Publication Country: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781906860134
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